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1st Birthday Party Ideas & Themes with the word ONE on it! 1st Birthday Wild Safari Party Themes

Also known as: Party Animals Theme

  1. Wild One

  2. Two Wild

  3. Just Can’t Wait to be One “Lion King”

First Birthday Space Party Themes

Also known as: Blast Off Party Theme, Out of this World Party Theme

  1. First Launch/ 1st Launch

  2. Two the Moon

  3. Two Infinity and Beyond

  4. 3, 2, One Blast Off

  5. 1st Trip Around the Sun

First Birthday Fruit Party Themes

  1. One in a Melon

  2. One Sweet Peach / Sweet as a Peach

  3. Berry First Birthday

  4. One Little Cutie

First Birthday Dinosaur Party Themes

  1. One-asaurus / Oneasaurus

  2. That’s One Big Roar

  3. Three Rex

First Birthday Fiesta Party Themes

  1. First Fiesta

  2. Look who’s Turning Uno

  3. Taco Twosday

First Birthday Sports Party Themes

  1. Hole in One “Golf”

  2. Rookie Year “Baseball”

  3. Home One / Hitting the Big One “Baseball”

  4. One Happy Camper

  5. 1st Down / First Year Down / First Touchdown “Football”

  6. Kick up some fun, _____ is turning One “Soccer”

  7. The Big One “Fishing or Surfing”

  8. One on One “Basketball”

First Birthday Music Party Theme

  1. The Big One “Notorious BIG”

  2. One in a Million “Aaliyah”

  3. One Love “Bob Marley”

  4. You’re the ONE that I Want “Grease”

First Birthday Animal Party Themes

  1. Fun to Bee One

  2. Some Bunny is One

First Birthday Fairytale Party Theme / Movie Party Themes

  1. Alice in One-derland “Alice in Wonderland

  2. Fairest One of them All “Snow White”

  3. Peter Pan in One-derland “Peter Pan”

  4. Just Can’t Wait to be One “Lion King”

  5. One with the Force “Star Wars”

  6. The ONEcler “The Lorax”

First Birthday Books Party Themes

  1. Thing One and Thing Two “Dr. Suess”

Other party themes with the word “ONE” in them, “TWO”, or “THREE”

  1. Mr. One-derful / Mr. Onederful

  2. My First Rodeo

  3. Sweet to be One

  4. It’s a One-derful World / It’s a Onederful World

  5. One Cool Dude

  6. Lucky One

  7. One Year Flies By “Airplane” “Hot Air Balloon”

  8. Turning UNO “The Card Game Uno”

  9. Air Force One “Military or Sneakers”

  10. Caution! Terrible Twos Ahead “Construction”

  11. Close the Road _________ is turning 3 Years Old! “Construction”

  12. Choo Choo, _________ is Two! “Trains”

  13. It’s FUN to be ONE

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